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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Last of The 52 Weeks in Nature :: Winter Solstice

    Philadelphia in Winter 47/52 :: Winter Solstice

I fell short of five weeks in the 52 Weeks of Nature Challenge. 

But none of that matters when I realize that I went outside, mostly in my backyard and took photographs of nature 47 times! 

I was being challenged to tap into one of my passions. It gave me something to do outside, where I love to be. Playing with my camera, the girls somewhere in the yard off on their own. 

The photos above are the last shots of the 52 Week Nature Challenge.   I took them the night of our Winter Solstice Gathering. 

Creating the spiral was immensely enjoyable for me.  

I felt like I was planting a beautiful winter garden. 

I spent hours collecting the jars from friends and thrift stores,  spacing each jar just so,  and walking and and re-walking over and over again to make sure the paces were just right. 

It turned out to be a long contemplative walk. (and an extremely satisfying activity.) 

The girls joined in and added gold glitter, tea lights and helped to light all 144 of the jars several times. 

It felt good to be outside in the cold month of December. 

The night was perfect, calm and cold. Friends old and new gathered and celebrated the return of the sun. We sang carols around the fire,  roasted marsh mellows, walked the spiral and let ourselves be enchanted with the evening. 

I felt so blessed to be surrounded by such goodness.  It helped to fill a space that is usually empty this time of year. 

Spirits were lifted.

I look forward to creating a similar space for the Summer Solstice. 

xx, Nicole

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