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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

52 Weeks Of Nature :: Freezing Time

Philadelphia in Winter  :: Freezing Time  47/52

  These photos captured how I felt at the time. It was week #46, in November, which is an infamous month for me where I go inside myself and I don't come out until closer to Spring. My way of hibernating. This time, I took with me a deep sadness of saying goodbye to my children's young childhood. No more rides around the block on our tricycles, or magical first walks through the snow, no more mittens, no more easy explanations to their questions. They are young kids now, they wear gloves and can put on their own snow boots. So, just as Winter is always cold here and like the promise of the change of the seasons, a new season of  Motherhood was bestowed upon me.   My little girls were now Big Girls.  I realized that I can no longer make everything better in my rocking chair. 

Since then, (November) I've had time to get aquatinted and warm up to this new season of motherhood and I rather like not being needed for every little thing. In fact, pour me another cup of tea, let's celebrate it.  I like my two self propelled Big Girls. 

I am still making my way through, but I feel better about it, and I am enjoying new things with them like celebrating Goddess Wednesday, making facial creams and body scrubs,  doing dishes and singing with the radio, watching The Goldberg's on TV, reading Harry Potter and making them fold the laundry. The fun never stops, just like time never freezes and motherhood changes just like the seasons. 

I no longer feel like Redbeet Mama in the sense that I ever felt like her. I wrote this blog because I was really loving my motherhood and I enjoyed sharing my love of it with others. I love feeling connected to a community that shares the same loves as I do. It is true what they say, "you are who you hang around with" and I want to thank all who have hung around,  sparked friendships and loved and supported me with kind words and presence.  I say let's continue to  go through Motherhood together! It is all about love and when we focus on love good things happen. 

Namaste, Nicole  

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