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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bone Tired


I ran into a friend of mine at the library last week and I told her how busy we've been when she asked how we were doing. She then asked "busy with what?" being naturally curious. I had to think, because I didn't have anything in particular in mind, I just felt busy.  Life in general is busy, especially when we are cooking three meals a day in our home daily.  I've been busy keeping home and creating the environment for us all to flourish in as a family and academically. Keeping a slow pace is being busy. It takes a lot of work and energy, and yet nothing has ever been more fulfilling to me. Have you ever come across this book Homemaking as a Social ArtI highly recommend it. Perfect for those who enjoy staying at home and love keeping the space. 

Fall around here has been absolutely amazing. I need to pick up my camera before all the leaves slip away. Instead, I have been picking up shovels, bulbs, museum passes, dirty dishes, my novel, laundry, groceries, paint brushes, leaves, oven mitts, rakes, books, knitting needles, and recipes  - all without a single photo for 52 Weeks of Nature. You could say I've been bone tired. 

              Philadelphia in Autumn  ~ 43/52   Bone Tired

But the camera is coming out again, Halloween is in a few days and the witch is me is starting to wake up!!! 

Heehehe, Nicole

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