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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Theater Challenge :: Martha The Brave

 Meet Martha, she is brave. 

 This is the Dragon, she is fierce. 

 This is the thoughtless dragon eating livestock and causing 
tremendous fear amongst the villagers.

 Martha is not afraid. She takes off her golden sash and captures the dragon.

The villagers are safe once more.  Hurrah for Martha! She is brave. 

 The girls did a nice job on this challenge.  They came up with the mini presentation all on their own. They were inspired by the book Martha The Brave and The Dragon. Click here for the book.  I love this book and I think most Moms with girls will too. It is a nice addition to St George and The Dragon, which I also admire deeply.  These two picture books are interesting in their stories and both speak very well to the feelings associated with Michaelmas. The art work is phenomenal and I see a a future art project ahead of us. 

We surely must keep those thoughtless dragons at bay! Wishing you much courage and grace to face your own dragons.

Love, Nicole

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