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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Backyard Nature Camp #3 ~ Peppermint & Art

Ahhh, Mint. So refreshing. Now I know why Rosemary Gladstar calls it "a blast of pure green energy". Yes indeed it is. As soon as I told the Campers that peppermint oil helps soothe sore teeth and gums, they each had a wonderful, traumatic story that they couldn't wait to share. We heard stories about teeth hanging from a thin, gummy string ready to fall out, to swallowing the tooth,  to biting a gum ball machine toy container and having a tooth fall out.  Losing teeth is a real life changer and apparently quite rememberable. Sharing these stories made us all friends. 

The serious chatter lasted for a good twenty minutes, with everyone having a chance to share how many teeth they lost so far and what the tooth fairy brought them, and there was one Camper who hadn't lost any yet! I couldn't get a word in edge wise, and I suppose that was good for them. 

Passing around the mint leaves to taste, I could just feel the energy rise in the room. Or maybe it because they found out that the zip line was back up and even higher than before that they just couldn't wait to get back on it? 

Hmmm. Hard to tell. But next time I might make Chamomile and Mint tea instead of lemon-mint.  Balance the energy out a bit. 

They all loved chopping up the mint and brewing Lemon Mint tea. They just about all enjoyed a cup. One Camper suggested  I serve cake with it next time. I agree with her. 

After grazing on the mint, sketching the mint, examining the little tiny purple flowers and talking all about medicines, candy, toothpastes, and soaps that mint is an ingredient in, we recorded our new knowledge on our journal papers. 

The medicinal properties of mint seem endless. Click here to learn more.

I then took small groups, while the other Campers found something to do in our yard,  and we sat together hammering away mint leaf prints on square clothes to make pretty homemade decorations. They smell nice too. I was fascinated that all the Campers wanted to pound hard on the leaves, they liked that hammer, I kept whispering gentle, gentle.   

I am so happy to have this chance to share my love of nature and a connection to Mother Earth's gifts with children. 

Love & Light, Nicole 

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