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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

52 Weeks of Nature: Lettuce

Our new blueberry bushes by Geir.
              Philadelphia in August 32/52 : Lettuce 

I took these shots before the rain started today. I was looking forward to this inwardly day. I did loads of laundry, cooked two meals, washed sink loads of dishes, played a math game with the girls, baked strawberry breakfast muffins, cleaned out the their bedrooms, freshened up some seasonal decorations, read some new fairy tales and went to the grocery store. I am done. Tuckered out. 

The rain is falling gently outside my window, and soon we will make bagel pizzas and salad for dinner. Easy.

Reading is on tonight's agenda. I am knee deep in books. I'm reading about medicinal herbs, nine year olds, and water. 

I should have exercised today, but I did not. I will try again tomorrow. I bet the girls will enjoy feeling what it is like to have shoes on their feet once again and go for a long walk. I hope the rain lets up in the afternoon tomorrow. 

The photos that I shot before this set, I lost.  I didn't have my camera card in the camera. Photo #31 Gone. It hurt. I guess Viv feeding the chicken will have to do. It was probably meant to be. 

Vivian exclaimed to me earlier today: "I am four feet tall, that is almost five feet." She is very excited by this news and I am almost as excited as she is. 

This is the first summer that I never want to end. It is that good. 

Love, Nicole

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