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Saturday, August 30, 2014

52 Weeks of Nature - King Frog

    Philadelphia in August  34/52  ~ King Frog

 Participating in 52 Weeks of Nature has been the perfect exercise for me and this train of thought.  I am finding truth, beauty and goodness in the everyday.
I am reading this book.   I picked it up for 25 cents at the thrift store. The first few chapters were a bit difficult but well worth the time as I started having ah-hah moments.  

I've also been reading Donna's Simmons third grade curriculum, and I am so excited to start lessons with Ella.  I have decided to no longer follow the Vimela Handwriting & Soul Development book, I think sticking to what I know is pretty good advice from Donna. I listened to her third grade audio this week and found it invaluable. Plus, I have pretty neat handwriting and so does Ella, it is just not Vimela.  Sometimes, I make things more difficult than they have to be. This time I am going to keep handwriting enjoyable and use what I know for the both of us. 

The weather has been cool and crisp for the last days of August. I feel very grateful for the cool nights and the beauty that I may have never found before 52 Weeks of Nature.  

Namaste, Nicole  

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