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Sunday, August 3, 2014

52 Weeks of Nature ~ Hello Sunday Morning!

We've got tomatoes! 

and fresh lettuce! 

 Life smells really good. 

Almost 9!!!

 Breakfast worms. 
  Philadelphia in July  31/52     ~  Philly Chickens
 Sunflower seeds and rain fallen crape myrtle petals for dessert.

I love Sunday Mornings. I've also stumbled upon a place called Hello Sunday Mornings awhile back. It is a place that celebrates an alcohol free lifestyle. I find it to be very inspirational, maybe you will too. 


By the wayI am joining Donni over at The Magic Onions with her fabulous inspiration: A photo journal of 52 photos of the magical outdoors in 52 weeks. My reasons for participating are simple: I will be reminded to take my camera outside and the task will encourage me to focus my attention to the beauty that surrounds all of us.


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