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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Watercolor Tuesday - Blue Borage

Part of Ella's second grade curriculum was learning how to plant and grow herbs. We read all kinds of books about herbs and Ella got to choose what herb she wanted to grow.  She choose Borage as her favorite and planted this beauty back in late May. 

The flowers are star shaped and the bunch of them together look like fireworks. The plant actually has the opposite affect, it's properties are very cool and calming.  It is also very purifying and good for the skin and a cup of tea is is gentle detox for your body. I've read that borage oils was very good for arthritis as well.  The entire plant is edible, and the leaves are high in minerals. The flowers and leaves have a cucumber taste and can be added to salads, bath teas or made into little candies, or pretty little ice cubes like the ones we made today.  

 Clean hands are essential and as well as feeling gratitude for the plant's gifts. 

We decided to get even fancier and added Nasturtiums petals. 
(Do you like Viv's impression of a bobbly head? I do.) 

Ella's favorite herb: Borage has a rich history and the medicinal properties are promising. You can learn all about it here and plenty of other places on the web as well. It is a treasure to any garden, and a nice companion to tomatoes and basil. Here is another link that I like, I bet you will enjoy it too. 

So tonight, we are all enjoyed a glass of borage ice water while I read aloud Harry Potter out on our front porch. 

I am loving this cool, breezy weather and feeling rather calm. 

Namaste, Nicole

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