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Monday, July 28, 2014

Saying Good Bye to Three Sisters

When we bought our home, we fell in love with this Ash tree that we sweetly named Three Sisters. They were  a bit over 100 feet tall each and they grew up together, attached at the trunks. Sadly, they were dying, and it became dangerous to be in our yard on a windy day.  

The girls and I held a little tree ceremony for them and thanked the tree for protecting us from the winds and providing us with shade when we were hot. We hugged them and promised them that they were going to place where they could continue to be more useful; a new picnic table, some fire wood, or perhaps a fine, pretty chair.  It was a sad farewell and yet a brand new, hopeful beginning for us. 

Food gardens! Removing the Three Sisters opened up the sky for us and now we will have enough sun to grow lots of organic food. Geir gets all the credit for these gardens. We used our vacation money for this piece of sky and we are in love with it.

 I admit, I was worried that I would feel so disenchanted with the removal. I've been depressed over lost trees before and I really dislike removing trees, or the end of any life cycle really. I  love trees so much, and especially the Three Sisters.  I think they felt my love, because they left me the most beautiful gift: 
a stunning nature alter!  

 This weekend was probably the best-ever vacation we ever had. We ate home cooked food all weekend. We made fun little drink concoctions using herbs from our gardens and sparkling mineral water. We listened to great music, enjoyed each other's company, ended a great swim season with lots of ribbons, sang out loud, worked in the yard,  and said goodbye to the Three Sisters. 

Love, Nicole

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