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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Backyard Nature Camp #2 Rose of Sharon

 New and Old friends gathered together today at my house and enjoyed some outdoor fun. I am having a hoot with this Backyard Camp, I just might continue it throughout the year.  Last week we added to our first aid kit, this week  I thought we needed something to add to our beauty kit.  Rose of Sharon is in season, and I have plenty of it so we went ahead and made a beautiful jar Rose of Sharon Water.

We learned that you can eat Rose of Sharon, raw, cooked or dried. Leaves, petals, bark, seed, and buds are all edible, although you really only want to eat the petals and leaves. The rest makes for a good infusion. Dried or fresh Rose of Sharon is especially nice in baths,  as it is very soothing to skin and great for sunburnt or itchy skin. It can also be used as a beautiful garnish, added to salads, or served as a hot tea as it helps coughs and tummy aches. The medicinal benefits are many as the plant is high in iron, calcium,  Vitamin C and flavonoids.

They were all so serious. I was in awe by every single one of these little spirits. 

We gathered under the rainbow arch and recorded our new information about our new herb Rose of Sharon.   Click here for the same free herb worksheets. 

Then we went and gathered our new herb, rinsed the leaves and flowers, chopped,  and prepared an infusion using hot water and chopped Rose of Sharon.

 We let the infusion sit for about 30 maybe 40 minutes. I added a few drops of Geranium essential oil for an added special touch. 

Then it was time to taste the petals and leaves.  Rose of Sharon comes from the Mallow family, same as marsh mallow, and I got the idea to have  lovely petals and strawberry jam on a cracker.  They mostly liked it. 

 While the infusion steeped, it was free play in the yard and watermelon. 

The mud kitchen was pretty popular today.

…..and so were the mini little tykes Quad runners.  

The best part for me was showing the Campers a cool way to pamper themselves, using Mother Nature's gifts.  Learning to heal through Nature is definitely a love of mine and I love sharing it with them. Their little jars of rose water will heal and soothe many bug bites and bee stings, and even Mom's wrinkles.  One camper exclaimed that her "Dad could use some too." 

We all deserve a little pampering now and then, and I believe those Campers are going to enjoy their special little gift that they made for themselves. 

I am taking a Rose of Sharon bath tonight. Maybe you will be inspired to take one too.  

Love & Light, Nicole

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