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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

52 Weeks of Nature ~ Chicken Tails

                             Philadelphia in July  26/52  Chicken Tails

What are these pretty white flowers in my garden? I've named them "chicken tails" and I just love them.   

I've committed to 52 weeks of Nature and I plan to stay committed I am just a little behind. 

I took these photos at week #26, it was early in the morning before the Tiger Lilies woke up,…those sleepy heads! They put on a beautiful display but are sadly gone (it is actually week #28 as I write this post) and now the glory goes to our Crape Myrtle. Perhaps she will make her debut in week #29. 

When we bought this house we fell in love with the garden even though it was completely overgrown.  We had no idea what was hiding beneath all the weeds and rubbish. We were happily surprised to discover the beauty once it was cleared. The woman who owned the house previously, we were told, was a professional gardener and her hard work and love is flourishing.  

It has been four years now since we bought the property , and every Spring and Summer we find something new and beautiful. It is our hard work and love now, and it brings us so much joy. 

Happy Anniversary House and Garden! We love you. 

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