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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Goddess Wednesday ~ New Relationship

Food is my anesthesia, it takes the hunger pain away, it clears the fog in my head. Energy returns. Tea, milk and raw sugar are my fuel. I have never been much into food. Skipping meals, eating whatever is the quickest and involves the least amount of worry has been my way of life. I love Diners. And pizza.  I have always been thin or average, unhealthy.  I have never dieted, I've just always skipped meals, lots of meals. My children eat healthy, we prepare healthy meals for them, but I have been struggling. It is a lifelong struggle. I feel older than I am and I realize that my eating habits or lack thereof is a huge problem to my health. I need to get myself in the kitchen and begin a new relationship with food and eat.   Where to start? It just so happened that I had an appointment with my Reiki Master, Wendy Williams for energy work and realize then that she was also a certified Holistic Practioner who provides Nutritional counseling.  It was meant to be. I set my next appointment and the journey began.  Wendy took an in depth health assessment from me and on my return visit she had a booklet prepared just for me - about me! No scripts or recommendations to drink Ensure. It was filled with well-thought-out recommendations, lists of foods,  how to use food to feel better and set an overall plan of how to move forward. The list of foods helped right away, and so did the mantras.  I have already bought and loved; raw milk, almond milk, ginger, eggplant, turkey, and lots of greens that I have never bought before. I am super impressed with my consult visit with Wendy and she made my enthusiasm for this journey even stronger. All that malnutrition I have accumulated in my life stops here as a 43 year old woman.  It is time for me to heal and enjoy my relationship with food. I need to break up with Donuts. The relationship is so unhealthy for me. I want my meals to be medicinal rather than numbing.  I want to prepare that dish that everyone asks for more.  I want to help the anxiety of meal preparation vanish. I want to be a better example for my girls. So the next time I am cutting up strawberries for the girls  I am going to remember to slip a few in my mouth. It is ok. Being thin isn't important any more, feeling good is and so far it has felt really good eating three healthy meals a day for the last week, probably an all-time record. 

I mark every Wednesday as my day to nurture me, hence Goddess Wednesday. It could be as simple as taking an Epsom salt bath with lavendar, or working with my novel, making my bedroom comfortable, practing yoga and connecting with the Divine. ~ and sometimes I am too tired for any of that so I let myself have extra sleep.  

How do you remember to remember yourself? 

Namaste, Nicole

PS: Click on Wendy's name for more information 
      or visit here : http://wewholistic.com 

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