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Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day Blessings!

Great earth mother! 

We give you praise today
and ask for your blessing upon us.
As seeds spring forth
and grass grows green
and winds blow gently
and the rivers flow
and the sun shines down
upon our land,
we offer thanks to you for your blessings
and your gifts of life each spring.

Collecting the morning dew on this May morning was not a problem.  With all this water, I mean dew, we shall remain young forever! 

 Last year we collected the dew with our handkerchiefs, click here to see.  

Hail to the Spring Queen! I made her the other day with the help of Ms. Eva. 
The girls and I also have been working on these  for out May Faire celebration. 

May is by far is my favorite time of the year. I am feeling energized and happy. 

Wishing you the same! 

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