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Saturday, April 26, 2014

52 Weeks of Nature: Wet Tulip

                             Philadelphia in Spring  16/52  :  Wet Tulip

Gloria, our hen, is practicing to be a strawberry.  

This year we decided to build a strawberry cage because we have some squirrel friends as well some feather friends who don't like to share the berries with us.   Our plan is to change that. The problem with free range chickens is well, that they are free range and freely poop all over the place.  Our new strawberry garden will have to be placed out of the hens range. We plan to find that new spot today and start growing our strawberries. 

I am so happy for the rain last night. It works just as well as my neti pot to rid the nasty, headachy pollen.  

Off to get a new pair of eye glasses, and then to the Woodmere Art Museum with my family. The library is a great resource for free passes. 

Have a fun and meaningful weekend!


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