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Saturday, April 26, 2014

52 Weeks of Nature : Scented Snow

              Philadelphia in Spring      14/52  :   Scented Snow

The Maypole went up the first week of April and lessons began. It brought joy to my heart to gather around the pole and dance with happy children with ribbons in our hands. We hope to make a beautiful weave this year. 
Nights are still cold and the April rains have been few. It has been very dry here in Philadelphia and the pollen has been a real headache. My neti pot has been my best friend. My senses have been super keen lately and the smells of life have been entirely gross or beautifully sweet like our magnolia blossoms. The blossoms were long lasting this year and the scent was truly divine.

With all the headaches, I have fallen behind on my 52 weeks of Nature project that I am participating in with Donnie over at Magic Onions. She lives in California and the contrasts of photos are interesting to compare.  Stop by and visit her. 

Thanks for visiting me. It is a great inspiration to look for beauty in my yard and capture it and have a reason to share it. 

xoxo, nicole

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