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Saturday, April 26, 2014

52 Weeks of Nature: Dreamy Easter

                     Philadelphia at Easter  15/52  - Dreamy Easter

There was no time for blogging Easter weekend. The weather that we had all wished for was delivered. We took a hike though Lorimer Park, had our own Easter egg hunt, played in our gardens, and devoured really good homemade food. Geir baked the most delicious lemon cake and made the girls favorite Shepard's pie. 

It was the most gorgeous and heartfelt Easter ever. 

Blessed be. Nicole

PS. This photo was taken at the creek bed at our local playground about a block away form our home. It is the same creek that passes through our yard.  The girls always run past the swing sets, sliding board and see-saws to this little gem of a place...the "real" playground they call it.   

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