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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Six Times Around The Sun - Vivian

I am so blessed to have both my daughters. My oldest has taught me so much about myself and my youngest has taught me so much about others and is the fairest of us all. 

Vivian, just about every sentence you say out loud begins with "I wonder…." or "It's strange…." 

You have a deep connection to the spiritual world and you amaze me with your understanding of concepts that you cannot see. It is almost like you have been here before. You are wise. 

Your heart is full of compassion for other people's feelings,  Mother Earth and all living things. I love your gentle ways. 

You identify yourself as an artist and refuse to sell your art. I like how you think. Your art is creative and beautiful. 

You once exclaimed that the worst word you ever heard was 'divorce.' Good thing that your Dad and I have no plans of ever using that word in our family. 

You love stretchy bacon. 

You constantly suggest what Obama should be doing to help the poor people and the children who are hungry. You also want him to ban all artificial food coloring so that you and your sister don't have to skip all those colorful treats.   You also think that Obama shouldn't allow people to build in flood zones. I totally agree with you. 

You still let us feel your elbow and exclaim it is your strongest muscle. I hope you will never have to use that muscle, but if you do it is pretty strong even if it is not a muscle. 

You are learning to play the recorder because you love 'teenage jazz" and Bach. I love listening to you. 

You like being Norwegian, even if you don't speak it. Whenever I suggest to  you that you are doing something the wrong way, you always tell me you are doing it the Norwegian way. You are right, there is usually more than one way to do most things. I like your cleverness. 

You want to be a taste tester when you grow up and you love baking with your Dad. 

It is such a joy to be your Mom. 

I love you Vivian. 

You are my red rose, your most favorite flower ever! 

Happy 6th Birthday! 

Love, Mom

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