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Saturday, March 15, 2014

52 Weeks of Nature - Mrs. Thaw

                            Philadelphia in March  10 / 52    Thaw  
 I swear I saw Mrs. Thaw sweeping through our yard. 

 I grabbed my camera and tried to catch her but all I found 
were sticks and a package for Ms. Viv. 

Mrs Thaw was way too quick for me, she was crazy flying around with that noisy and fierce March wind! She swept away most of our snow leaving lots of mud and green behind. 

This morning our boots wait for us to play and work outside.  The  temperature today will go up to a high of 49! 

We thank you Mrs. Thaw for being so very kind.

Namaste, Nicole

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To view previous weeks click here or on 52 Weeks in Nature on my side bar. Donni from The Magic Onions is the inspiration for this photo journal.

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