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Saturday, March 1, 2014

52 Weeks of Nature : Frozen

                             March in Philadelphia     9/52    Frozen

Walking around in my crunchy, frozen yard I was in search of my favorite winter flower Snowdrops. This will be the first year in memory that I have not seen one blossom. Snowdrops are like gentle whispers that reassure me that Spring will soon follow.  My ears are open, but the only words I hear are from a forecaster who predicts another 10 inches of snow that is due to arrive Monday. 

Last week, my search for photo number #8 was a hard one. Snow, believe it or not can make everything look so ugly. The only beauty that I could find was an instagram shot of my girls sledding. 

                     Philadelphia in February     8/52     Sledding

Here's hoping that we can shoot some hoops soon! 
~ Nicole

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