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Friday, February 14, 2014

Motherhood Milestone

I am always celebrating my children's milestones, but this one is about me. 
I was just saying that I am really enjoying having older children. They can shovel snow, make a sandwich and keep themselves happily occupied. This time it is because I have an awful stomach bug and the girls let me rest all day and night yesterday.  When I became a Mother, the toughest days for me was when I would get sick. I hated that my sick days no longer meant lounging on the couch watching my favorite movies, falling in and out of sleep, sipping soup and getting special attention from my husband.  Oh no, being a sick Mom with little ones was a nightmare! Oh how sorry I was for myself on those days. However, yesterday was the easiest sick day as a Mom that I ever had and I was an awful sick.

Seasons change and so does motherhood. Sick days for me are back!!! I am taking another one day today, I liked it so much. For every season of motherhood there is a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that they are growing and they will never be this big again. The curse is that they are growing and they will never be this small again. A huge part of me is very sad to say goodbye to my season of mothering little babies and toddlers. Yet I am  happy and excited with this new season of mothering young girls. Is there a word for being happy and sad at the same time? I wonder.  

Yesterday, Mother Nature left another generous amount of snow. It has been a very white winter here in Philadelphia.  I don't mind the snow as long as we don't lose power and I don't have to shovel the snow.  

Tis the season, 

PS: Happy Valentine's Day! 

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