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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Goddess Wednesday -- Blowing in The Wind

I have forgotten to remember not to forget me. Until today when I realized that it was Wednesday. Goddess Wednesday! A day that used to be my weekly reminder to do something special just for myself.  Whether it be a bath, a walk alone, a trip, to the thrift store, or tea with a friend. It is all about taking care of me. The last six weeks has been all about homeschooling, reading books about nine year olds, reading more books about homeschooling, dodging weather threats, enduring weather threats... I simply got swept away in it all.   I wasn't sure of what to do for myself. I was trying to think of something to blog about, but I won't blog without a photo.  I was at a loss. However, while driving back from my shopping trip at Trader Joe's, don't you know I spot money blowing down the street! No other cars were around, so I pulled over and and chased after it. Thank goodness we don't have a photograph of that! Haha. It was so exciting, although it wasn't exactly a jackpot. It was however, enough to justify a trip to the thrift store. I bought myself this beautiful turquoise all cotton sweater! A nice Spring-y color but also warm because there is no spring-like weather in the forecast. 

Then I went to the library and took out a book that has nothing to do with my girls or homeschooling! There is no denying that I am totally devoted to my children, but that devotion needs Goddess Wednesdays! When Mama is happy we are all happy. 

Yesterday, a reader friend of mine sent me an email with a few kind words and included a link to another blogging Mama that she thought would inspire me. No doubt, they both inspired me.  I used to find time to read Sheila's blog but I haven't for a while. Her blog is called Sure As The World and she is a true Goddess. I really want to meet her at Taproot farm. Her description of Barbara Dewey's homeschooling retreat sounds dreamy and I want to go. Here is the link to learn more. 

How do you remember not to forget yourself? 

Many blessing to you all, 

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