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Monday, February 24, 2014

Corner of My Home - School Room

Pretty pictures are sometimes traps for those who view them. You might think from looking at these photos that we are just sailing along, singing happy songs, and enjoying the homeschool life. But it just isn't so, and for various reasons. When I took these shots we were discussing where we would go if in fact the tornado warning were to become real. A thunderstorm had just passed by and to see lightning reflect off the snow was bizarre and bright, very bright.  Tensions were high. The night before I couldn't sleep because all I could do was worry about the flood warning that was issued. I live in a flood zone. I became frozen in bad thoughts and we didn't get much school work done.  

These corners of my third floor we call this the school room, but there is no school going on in it.  We do main lessons downstairs at the dining room table. When we bought this house, the girls were still babes and a school room was what I had envisioned at the time and the name just stuck. It is really our handwork room. We each have a corner to call our own. We go up here to escape and get lost in our own art or craft. My husband refurbishes and builds guitars for a hobby. Vivian paints, draws and builds things. Ella loves to sew and I like to prepare for the upcoming lessons for Ella's second grade work.  I guess you can say homeschooling is my hobby. 

This past week has been my hardest homeschooling week ever. Besides, the bad weather, which is a huge factor in my grumpiness, I started second guessing myself. Am I doing enough? Are they learning enough? Then as if the universe listened to all my self doubts, up popped  this article from Simple Homeschool on my Facebook feed. It was a great read and it certainly helped to boost my spirit.  The one thing that I really miss this year is the Violin Club that met once a week at my house.  While the young violinists practiced with Ms. Tara, the Moms got some Mom time. I did not realize how much support and admiration we had for each other during that time. I have yet to fill that space or find that in-person support. 

Snow is in the forecast for later this week. It is out of my control. What is in my control it to step back, take inventory and make necessary changes. I am playing with  the idea of teaching Maypole dancing again and I have  signed us up for homeschool bowling.  I hope to see some of my favorite homeschooling Moms there and also meet some new ones.  If you are local and haven't heard about homeschool bowling in March, email me and I will give you the details. Also if I go ahead with the Maypole dance lessons, they would be free and we would start in April with a big celebration on May Day. Details will be on my homeschool Facebook page. Click here for the page

Sometimes it is really hard to be in moment and other times it is just too darn easy, like when I am worried. I am trying really hard to find the good in this winter, but I want Spring. My friend explained it perfectly the other day when I ran into her at the super market and I was moaning and groaning to her about the weather.  She said "yeah, it is like the feeling of having to pee so bad, and you are holding it and holding it, and you just can't wait to get to the bathroom." 

Yup, that was spot on. 

We all know how good it feels to finally make it to the bathroom. 

Ahhh, when Spring gets here it will feel that good.

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