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Monday, February 10, 2014

Corner of My Home ~ My Bedroom

For three and a half days this was my bedroom during  last week's ice storm causing a massive power outage in Pennsylvania. We managed to keep my bedroom warm by using flower pot heaters. Click here to learn how we did it. As with anything you do, be careful!!!

I was thrilled that we could stay in our home during the power outage. If it weren't for these hot pots I don't think we could have handled the cold temperatures. It was in the low teens outside, but inside my bedroom with these hot pots it was never below 50 degrees. We wore layers and hats and kept warm. The first day of the outage WXPN played the Beatles all day long! It was a blessing. I couldn't have gotten through this without my transistor radio. We also listened to Kids Corner, played card games, drew pictures, read books, made candles, danced, sang, played music and slept a whole lot.  Rest was our friend. Time was slow.   Spirits were high.  It was an impromptu camping trip fueled by Dunkin Donuts.  

That is not to say that we weren't uncomfortable or inconvenienced, because we were, but at least we were in our own home. Hibernating in my bedroom was far better than being any anywhere else. We all felt that way. My back was happy too. The girls loved this Laura Ingalls type adventure and they played along happily.  Geir played it cool as he always does.  I went with the flow, but mornings were the worst for me. It was the coldest time of the day, and the power didn't magically pop on while we slept as I had hoped. Caffeine and chocolate made it all better as the sun rose and I was in good company. 

I am not looking for a repeat anytime soon.  The novelty of it all was starting to wear thin. I got though this and I am better for it. I have never felt so appreciative for warm toilet seats, hot cups of tea and 68 degrees

I would be even more grateful if this new threat of a winter storm quietly passes us and goes out to sea. 

Warmly, Nicole

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