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Saturday, February 15, 2014

52 Weeks of Nature : More Snow

   February in Philadelphia   7/52  More Snow

Yesterday morning I was rooting through one of my catch all drawers and I found my long lens for my camera and I took these photos. This is the view from my desk on our third floor. It was Valentines Day and the snowy hearts caught my eye on the swing.  

Since last week's 52 Weeks of Nature photo we've gotten 15 more inches of snow. The snow total for Philadelphia to date is 54.8 inches and more is in the forecast. In fact it is snowing right now! 

I am starting to feel better from my bout with a stomach bug but now I think I am catching cabin fever. I look forward to going for a long walk tomorrow or maybe throwing the sleds in the trunk and go find those hills I keep hearing about over at Arcadia University. We might as well enjoy the snow while it is here, Spring is only 38 days away! 


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