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Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Lip Balm

I bought this awesome lip balm making kit at A ToyGarden, and today the girls and I tried it out.

We loved that it was made with all natural ingredients; shea butter, beeswax, sunflower oil and grapefruit oil. The directions were easy to follow. We choose to warm the balm on the stove rather than the microwave. I think we heated the balm too warm as the containers melted a bit. You can notice it in the above photos. The girls couldn't believe the plastic container melted, they were concerned. If I were to make this lip balm again, I would use glass containers. Also, our funnel was a big help. 

The finished lip balm was comforting and smooth. I am definitely inspired to make more beauty products with the girls.  It was a good bonding and learning experience. They love their new grapefruit lip balm. 

I am loving this link and can't wait to try the redbeet lipstick. What is your favorite diy beauty product? 

 Click here for the lip balm kit if you are interested. 

Namaste, Nicole

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