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Monday, January 20, 2014

Corner of My Home : Felted Birds

 I love Mondays. My girls love Mondays. We finished needle felting our birds today.  I can't imagine how it must have felt for the girls to have made these with their own hands!  Of course Ms. Eva guided all of us, and I took notes. It doesn't seem possible that we made them.  I love how they turned out. The birds feel so good to hold. Warm. Soft.  

This is the wool that we used. I bought it to spin and make a scarf for my husband. Turns out, he says he can't wear wool scarves, and my knitting hasn't improved so Hello to Beautiful birds!  I would like  to pick up my knitting needles and try again. Nothing though beats the  process of pulling beautiful, naturally dyed wool and making a nest that soon will become the object you are intending it to be. The process  is so completely satisfying to me. 

Poke. Poke. Poke.  

Wool, a needle and a felting pad and the warmth of your hand. It brings me great joy. These birds will be cozy with us indoors. We are excepting six inches of snow tomorrow here in Philadelphia and we welcome it. I admit it, I love the winter garden as much as the Spring. It has a certain quiet to it. 

If you are local and are interested in taking a class with Ms. Eva and us contact me. Here is the link to my Facebook page, you may private message me there. 

Sweet Dreams tonight!

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