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Friday, January 24, 2014

As Promised...

A few years back a kind reader gifted this book to me. I wrote about it here. 
I am paying it forward as promised and kindly passing this wonderful book on to another Mama for a second time! I've been so happy with Donna Simmons work and I have continued to use her curriculum for first and second grade. 

I am kind of sad that I won't need a kindy curriculum anymore. I love five, four and three year olds. They are full of joy and wonder and are such a pleasure to be with. I enjoyed the time spent with my little ones very much.  Donna's understanding of childhood development and family life has influenced our lives and made our days rich and meaningful.   It seems odd that it has already been three years . A lot has changed since then.  I have a new mailbox and I am very  confident in my decision to homeschool our girls. It has been a true blessing for our family. When people ask me why I homeschool, I always reply with I love the lifestyle


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