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Saturday, January 11, 2014

52 Weeks In Nature

2/52  -  Melting

January in Philadelphia

Motivated to capture my 2nd photo of the series, I went out early this morning, by myself, to capture the nice warm fog. It was lovely and very medicinal.  This grey weather has me feeling a little heavy, but I am feeling better and more relaxed now that the flood warning has been lifted. The chicken soup that we plan to make this weekend should help too. I am attempting to make my first matzo balls. What are you doing this weekend?

Oh, you may not be able to leave a comment because Google plus is only allowing comments from people who have an Google account. Crazy right?  I have been trying to change this but without any luck. If you want to comment and have a Facebook account here is my link: Redbeet Mama.

To view previous weeks click here or on 52 Weeks in Nature on my side bar. Donni from The Magic Onions is the inspiration for this photo journal.

Namaste, Nicole

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