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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Waldorf Star Tea Light Holders

Ms. Eva, our friend and handwork teacher, taught us how to make these lovely Waldorf Star lanterns. I can't imagine how the girls felt about having made these...I felt pretty amazing. Our very own hands made something so beautiful. The experience of it was magical.   Thank you, Ms. Eva. 

You can find links how to make these all over youTube. If your local though, I'll show you how. I want to make more! All you need is watercolor paper, watercolor, some oil and a pair of scissors. 

We put up the tree yesterday and added lights today. We are all in slow mode because I threw out my back shoveling snow last week. I can't seem to get relief. But these lanterns make me very happy. 

What has been making you happy this week? 

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