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Sunday, December 29, 2013

St. Elizabeth of the Roses - Second Grade Handwork

Ella made this beautiful star rose in honor of St. Elizabeth of Hungary. 

We are using Donna Simmon's second grade curriculum and we are really enjoying the Saint stories. 

The story of St. Elizabeth taught us not to look away but to look at poverty straight in the eye and help.   So we do. We donate time, food and keep a consciousness about the dilemma. 

There is a wonderful, informative and very sad documentary about poor children in America, told by the child's perspective. Which I thought was genuis in presentation. Here is the link: Poor Kids

For local readers who would like to help make a difference for families who live in our area there is a food pantry in Jenkintown called Loaves & Fishes. Click on the link to learn more. 

I thought this lesson was right on for a second grade child who is  developing their conscience and starting to really think outside of themselves. I believe there  is a huge need in our world to instill and develop more empathy and love towards others. I didn't teach the lesson, I brought it to them gently and showed them what we can do to help.  A five year old can make a difference. She boxed a lot of food at the pantry. They both did.  We all can make a difference to help end childhood hunger and poverty.  The first step is to not look away. 

Happy homeschooling!

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