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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Sunset to Sunset

Cheese fondue is our Christmas Eve tradition. 
In fact, most of our meal traditions includes cheese.
 Tonight for Christmas we are enjoying homemade cheese lasagna. 
For lunch we had Brie cheese on crackers with sour cherry spread. 
Yesterday we served pepperoni and cheese bread for lunch.
For snack we had toasted smoked mozzarella with bruschetta.
We love all kinds of cheese. 

 It was a fun time, and the girls couldn't wait to go to say goodnight. 
They were nestled in their beds by 7:15. 

We woke the girls up in the morning. We held out until 7:30. 
They sure did get a long winters nap. 
I didn't, I stayed up and watch all the corny but lovely Christmas specials. 
I especially loved the choir & concert on PBS. 

 Magic kits, theatre make up and yeah, sigh,... those dogs. 

 Grandfather Frog sits in his frozen solid pond, it must have 
been a windy Christmas Eve night. 

 It was a cold and crisp day. 
The sun was shining bright and it felt good to be outside. 
It made being inside even cozier. 

It was a magical, calm day with lots of love, fresh air and good food, I mean cheese.

Wishing all Mamas and Papas a long winters night! 

We pulled it off Geir!!!! 

Love & Light,  Nicole

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