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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Use What You Have - Bubble Wrap Insulation

My motivation is to save money, and as of recently lower our heating costs. This morning I saw a facebook post about bubble wrapping windows for better insulation. Here is the link, but you wont need it as I have demonstrated in three easy steps what you need to do. Hopefully you will have bubble wrap laying around just waiting to be used. If not you can buy bubble wrap for a fairly cheap price. I looked it up and you can purchase 65 feet of it for less than twenty bucks.  My bubble wrap roll came from my wet felting obsession. 

To better insulate your windows you will need bubble wrap, scissors and a water spray bottle. 
Size the bubble wrap to fit your window and cut out. 
Spray water on the window and lay the bubble wrap bubble 
side facing the window. 

Viola! You're done and 
the light still shines through! 

It took about 30 seconds for each window. Easy peasy and it didn't cost us a new dime. 

How are you saving money? 


It is also serves as a nice privacy barrier. 

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