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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tumeric & Honey Tea

This tea warmed me from the inside out. A friend of mine got me started on it.  Thank you Megan. It is sweet and spicy and oh so delicious.  Click here for the recipe. You can make it however you want, it is just honey, turmeric, pepper and lemon. 

I found that freshly grounded pepper really made the difference and a large squeeze of lemon juice. I use about two small teaspoons in small teacup. It was also best after the paste sat awhile for maybe a day or two. You also want to avoid using boiling water as that will harm the honey's nutritional properties. 

I hurt my shoulder this weekend and I like to think drinking this tea helped me feel better. Of course, I did all the normal things and iced it, took epsom salt baths, used motrin, rested and eventually my shoulder popped back in its socket.  Injuries really suck, especially when you get them without doing anything fun. One of my best injuries was jumping off the Lambertville bridge, back in 1987, for fun. All the cute boys were doing it… 

Ahh, to be young and dumb again,…..up, wait, no way. I am much happier  now and taking better care of myself and drinking yummy medicinal teas. No  more bridges and bikinis, now  it is time for me to start doing daily yoga, again. 

I believe that  was what my shoulder was telling me. 


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