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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tin Lanterns for Martinmas

 This was by far my favorite lantern to make.  It doesn't win for best in show but the girls got really into it and that is a win for me. Twice they sat for 20 minutes, clink, clinking away while I was cooking dinner. 

I had saved some tin tea cans, and although they did not hold water very well, I added a sandwich baggy and the water froze just fine. The tin is much thinner than a regular tin can, which made it easier to nail open a hole. Leave some space for the ice to expand, a mistake I made a year ago.  It'll take a good day to freeze, so plan ahead. 

 I demonstrated how to do it by hammering out a spiral 
and then I let them at it. 
 A child sized hammer worked best. 
 A couple of knocks to the knuckle did not stop them. 
 More than 20 minutes and their  fingers started to feel frozen. 
Time for dinner. 
 It was all about the hand-eye coordination and peace signs.

Violia! Let thaw and add a handle. I put a leather strap on mine and the girls have a cooper wire decorated with beads on theirs. Very personalized and loved.

I think they will look festive on our the food table too. I can't wait to make these lanterns again, maybe make some for the upcoming solstice. 

Namaste, Nicole

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