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Monday, November 4, 2013

Corners of My Home in November

Homeschooling is humming along. Soups, homemade breads, spice cakes and lots of handwork and music. Ella performed tonight with her orchestra at a book fair. They played Irish Legend and sounded really good.  

We finished up the story Rabia of Basra last week and this week we have started to read about St. Martin. We are busy preparing  for our lantern walk making all sorts of handmade lanterns, singing songs and knitting scarves. 

I went to listen to Eugene Schwartz speak about mindfulness parenting this past weekend with another cool Mama friend. Eugene has a great way about him. He was very funny explaining the four temperaments and my understanding of them became much clearer.  Yep, I've got my whole family pegged. (smile)
Eugene said that "if each child learned how to interact with each of the four temperaments that he/she will go far in life." I agree, understanding the temperaments supports the idea that we are all different and we need to be met where we are at in the present moment or phase of our life. Whether it be choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic or sanguine. Teaching children to value people for being people is more than just a dear gesture. I like this focus in Waldorf education. The inner work of the teacher is so valuable and very worthy of imitation. 

Eugene's talk was good but geared towards new school parents. It was fine and turned out to be a nice refresher course on Waldorf ideology. I would like to hear his thoughts about education at home. I think he is a clever man. He has a film that I plan to see later tonight called Changing Perspectives in Education. He says it is "his" sequel to the film Race To Nowhere - a must see film about education in America. The film is on his website. Eugene is very excited with the notion of introducing more Waldorf-inpsired charter schools nationwide and well,...  I think that is a wonderful mission. We need more peace-inspiring schools in America. 

Time for me to curl up in a corner and watch his film. 


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