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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Morning Walk

We went on a morning walk in search of fallen Autumn leaves to use for a project. On our way we met our lovely neighbor, Helen, walking her dogs. She invited us to her abundant and beautiful garden. The girls  harvested beans, squash, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes. 

 This made Vivian very happy. She dreams of a vegetable garden, and I see one in her near future. We put off  having a vegetable garden for many reasons, including the fact that we have over 20 flower gardens. We  inherited them when we bought our house three years ago. It is a lot to keep up, but now that the girls are older and more able, we are planning to build garden boxes this winter and we'll be ready to plant in the Spring.  

These are black-eyed peas that dried out on the vine. They are beautiful and the girls loved emptying the pods. Of course, I had them count how many we harvested. Wink. 

They counted 127! I threw the peas in with our acorns, chestnuts and mini pinecones and it made a lovely collection for our candle holder base. 

Vivian enjoyed cleaning all the vegetables. For lunch tomorrow,  she'll roast them with salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. Ella plans to make home-made pepperoni bread to accompany it. 

Our walk turned into a full day lesson, completely different from what I had planned. It was magical. Ms. Helen had some other wonderful treasures waiting for the girls. She gave them beautiful sea shells from her recent trip to the Pacific Ocean. We of course had to take them home and compare them to our Atlantic Ocean shells and study each one carefully. 

At the bottom of the seashell basket were little trinkets from Ms. Helen's jewelry box wrapped up in tissue paper. We were all over-the-top surprised with the delightful little treasures that we unwrapped. I can't wait to show them to you. I almost didn't let the girls have them they were so cool. 

People often ask me if I always stick to my homeschool curriculum? The answer is no, I don't. Without flexibility, mornings like today would never have a chance to flourish. I love homeschooling and all the opportunities that present themselves. 

I am so grateful that we met Ms. Helen on our walk today. She gave us more than vegetables and treasures, she gave us good company and sweet, loving memories. 

We learned many valuable lessons today. The most important; love thy neighbor. 

and we do. 

Namaste, Nicole

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