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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lantern Making with Love and Care

Martinmas will be here in a few short weeks and we have started to prepare for this enchanting Waldorf festival.  Today we enjoyed getting all sticky making these paper mache lanterns. We have been loving this new song and we plan to sing it with our friends at our Lantern walk in November.  

Our days have been steady and full, but not overwhelming. We are on our tenth week of not eating out, and we have baked bread every single day of those ten weeks!  I am a pro at slicing bread and I have tone arms to prove it. My husband and I have set a financial goal and we plan to meet this goal in two years. Our scrimp and save method  has made our life richer with lots home-cooking, thoughtful purchases and more time being together at home. 

I was thinking today about how anyone can love. Love is so easy to do. I have known people who have loved but never cared. Caring takes extra effort.  A person can care for you that may not love you.   To do both and to receive both is a gift, well that and a lot of hard work.  It wasn't until I became a Mom that I felt useful and passionate about life. These past few months, with the constant meals, the thoughtfulness of planning our future together, homeschooling our daughters and the joy we have for it all has made me realize just how much my husband cares and loves me. 

They say Norwegian men are short on words. That may be true, but I can live without words, I just can't live without him and all that he does to show his love. We have been together for 15 years next month. Those 15 years are the only time in my life that I ever really felt what is was like to be loved and cared for at the same time - and the only time it was ever healthy to care and love back. I love you Geir.   


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