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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Goddess Wednesday - Be the Queen!

I am taking a wonderful e-course offered by Lisa from Celebrate The Rhythm of Life. We are only on week one so it is not too late to sign up. 

I have already sketched out my plan up for the upcoming year and it's only July 25th.  My confidence level has risen quite a bit and I am feeling pretty excited. 

So if you need a little confidence booster and motivation, come join us and plan out a meaningful year. I promise you, there are many Goddesses and Queens in the group to inspire you.   

I just read an inspiring article written by Lisa and I thought it was perfect for Goddess Wednesday. I really admire Lisa's insightful work and I especially love how she celebrates of the role of women in a Waldorf home. 

And by the way, the Queen gets to post a day late. 

Blessed be, 

...and now I will go play in the garden and fill that pretty little pink vase that sits above my kitchen sink. 

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