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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Handwork Tuesday - A Felted Flower Mural

We began with bubble wrap, hot soapy water  and a beautiful day. 
Wool roving was next! We fluffed the wool and layered it just so. 
We choose our favorite colors and shaped all types of flowers. It was a challenge because wool doesn't always want to do what you want it to do. It was a pleasant reminder of how much control I like to have - with wet felting I have almost none. 
I had to let go of perfection.
Enjoy what becomes.
 Traits  that come naturally to children. 
Traits that are good to brush up on. 
Traits that are good to model.  

When we were all decidedly happy with the mural, Eva carefully poured the hot, soapy water.  
 Then the girls patted and massaged the flower mural softly with their fingers.
It was a wonderful process to watch and do! 
   Eva sang a beautiful song. We created our best and it felt like our best.

 Lifting the cloth continually impressed the girls. We were all so delighted. 

 It was time to roll and agitate. 
We poured another layer of hot water and rolled it up. 

We enjoyed a very warm, summery day and it was fun to get wet...and soapy! 

We rolled and re-rolled and rolled some more. About 6 times total. 
We set it out to dry and while we wait I am going to find the perfect place to hang it. 
Thanks for another inspiring
 lesson Eva!

Namaste, Nicole

If you click on the top photo you can see the process enlarged. 


  1. This is fantastic!! I am so jealous of all you have been doing with Eva. Wonderful days, moments, memories.

  2. I adore this! You are so clever, what a wonderful gift to make art like this with your children. Beautiful!

  3. Who is
    EVa??? Can she come to my house? That mural is absolutely gorgeous!!!


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