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Monday, May 27, 2013

Corner of My Home ~ Porch

I made another flower mural. I set up a corner on my front porch and played with wool. It is turning out nice. This is what I have learned so far,  I need to make the base thicker, so I will add another inch to the top layer and more importantly, for the roll and agitate process, I will use a roll-up shade instead of the bubble wrap,  at least for large pieces.  A broom stick and bubble wrap were rather clumsy.  I needle felted some of the flowers that didn't felt to the base, and I like the results.  I am looking forward to maybe trying a 3D mural. To hang the mural, I bought a wood rod and I needled felted the mural to the rod so that it will display easily - but I am running into the problem that the mural is not lying flat. I re-wet the mural just now and I rolled it with a rolling pin in hopes it will help it to dry flat. 

Do you have something going on in the corner of your home? Show me and leave a link. 

Namaste, Nicole

Photos by Ella. 

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  1. Maybe needle felt it to a piece of rectangle purchased felt or cotton to help it stay flat.


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