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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Watercolor Tuesday - Black & White Ballerina

I carved out some time to concentrate on writing a post tonight about the girl above but my tooth has other plans. I went to the dentist this afternoon with a terrible toothache. They got me in right away. They said not to worry they'll get me the help I need. She took x-rays and said she couldn't find the problem. She gave me a tube of sensitive toothpaste and booked an appointment in one month so that she can dig out my mercury filling and fill it with better stuff- my words not hers. Maybe the old filling is the problem she said, and continued on with how lucky I was not to need a root canal. I guess, but I felt like I was scammed and my tooth still hurts. Maybe in not an answer. To do work in my mouth the answer has to be black and white, not gray. I am canceling the appointment. 

To my dearest ballerina Vivian: 
I love you and enjoy watching you dance and twirl around.   I love your seriousness and the joy that emanates from your whole being while you dance.  Please take care of your teeth, so you can avoid crap like I had to deal with today. 
Love, Mom

Namaste, Nicole

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