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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Handwork Thursday - Learning to Knit

My name is Nicole, and I am a Waldorf Mom that doesn't know to knit. - True confession.  

My friend Eva, full of inspiration and know-how, spent the morning with us and helped us make our very own knitting needles. Just the inspiration we needed to learn how to knit. We sanded, beeswaxed,  and smoothed the needle until we became one with them. The experience was rich. Then the tricky part; casting. The movement flowed. It took pure concentration. I was immediately addicted. 

My brain hurt. 

Up, it came off,...again. 

I have avoided learning how to knit for a reason. Patience - lack of. But today, I couldn't just walk away, give up, go climb a tree and declare knitting is not for me. Sure, I was uncomfortable not knowing a darn thing about knitting.  I was vulnerable, even to myself. But I want to learn and I also had to hold the space, keep it positive and light. No growling. 
Eva helps with this, she is the kind of person that makes you feel good even hours after she has left. 

I want to show Ella my weakness but also my stride. If she sees me patiently learning this amazing handwork, my hope is that she'll follow too, without cursing! In reality I am following her, because she has been wanting to knit for some time. She is my inspiration for learning and knitting is part of her first grade curriculum. 

I look forward to knitting lots of hats, you can always tell a Waldorf kid - they wear hats. 

I am also looking forward to watching Ella reap the brain building benefits. Knitting is a wonderful, right brain - left brain, mid-line exercise that also makes beautiful headbands and scarves and it is handwork that travels easy. 

This is going to take a commitment, not just to learn  to knit but to learn graciously.  I am inspired and intimidated at the same time, but I am committed. 

Deep breath, I can do this. 

Namaste, Nicole


  1. Congratulations Mama!!!
    I can not wait to see you cast off and see your progress!


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