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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Five Times Around The Sun - My Baby

Dearest Vivian,  we surrounded you with balloons, your favorite food, gifted you a snow drop  to celebrate your love of flowers and a dream come true travel art set. Dad took the day off. We went rollerskating with your friends, and to a buffet with Grandfather and Gram. Your passion for life is grand and you always listen to your heart.  You have painted our journey together in the most enchanting colors that I could have ever imagined. You are a beautiful soul and I am so delighted that you choose me to be your Mama. I love you and look forward to all you have planned for us. 

Take your time with five Vivian, there is nothing like it.  

Love, Mom

PS. You never stop planning and you are always plotting for the next wonderful experience, I like that about you, even if it gets me a bit tired out. I love your massages and all the songs that you ask me to write down. You say the best prayers, and you can find the good in anything. You always ask me if you can ask me a question. You love to read without looking at any words. There isn't any thing you think you can't do unless it involves heights. You love your family and your family sure does love you. 

My Baby


  1. How precious!! I love you birthday candle holder thing...does it have a meaning? :)

  2. Nicole...are you on FB? Although I understand if you like to keep that private!


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