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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Goddess Wednesday - The Wheel

The girls take a class at our local clay studio and they were introduced to the potters wheel. They loved it,  the potters wheel is something to behold and they knew it. They noticed the immediate smoothness it made the clay,  the way it lopsided easily, and how it was one thing then quickly another. They felt the strong influence of their fingers and noticed that where they placed their elbows helped steady the shape they were creating.  The  pedal made them feel older, what child doesn't like a pedal, and the speed of the wheel was tricky. Too fast and off the clay went. 

This experience didn't offer up instant gratification , but rather unfolded step by step, revealing a cup or bowl, then onto firing and painting. Next week we get to take home the final pieces and start all over again.

Pottery takes dedication, and practice and acceptance. It is joyful and painful. 

Honoring the goddess within is very much the same. I had to drag myself to do yoga this morning.  My body felt stiff,  it was cold,  I had a ton of other things to do. But I promised myself that I would try to make time for yoga.  To keep the girls at bay, I put out a bunch of puzzles on the floor and they were happy while I reluctantly went upstairs and sat in my room staring at my laughing Buddha. The hard part was over. I was in.  The rest would be easy. I took the time to quiet the chatter, to refocus and stretch. I prayed. I took deep breaths and exhaled. I felt centered again.  But I couldn't help to wonder why I am sometimes so reluctant to do something that  I love and that makes me feel so darn good? 

I don't know. 

Life seems to spin just as fast as that potters wheel does at high speed, sometimes throwing me off. So far on my journey of daily yoga,  I am finding that when I take time to practice and slow down, I am able to respond to the rest of my day from a warm, patient and loving place. My goal for this journey is to keep this from being a trend in my life to something that is more permanent, more like my way of life. My slow way of life. More thoughtful and less hurried. 

Namaste, Nicole

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