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Saturday, February 2, 2013

George Who?

George Who?

I gave you this name when they told me the news
the man I called Dad wasn't so true 
because they said it was actually you.

George Who, George Who? 
I turned blue. 

You came to the hospital 
when I was brand new
You brought someone else
and unstuck some glue

Her name was Sandy 
soon to be a Who too
She would bare you a new baby
who you called Kimmyan Dylana 
she was your number three child
right after number two

George Who, George Who?
What did you do!

Not one payment or any help from you
Mom took you to court
to abort  
your name 
the non-support
the hurtful games
The announcement went into the classifieds. 
Nobody was really satisfied. 

I liked my new name
pretty insane
My older sister 
her tears flowed
She remembered you 
those first three years 
even after 
you disappeared
I kept saying….

George Who, George Who? 
Who cares?

I am having a hard time
rhyming that word polygamy 
She was only 18 
Same age as me and Kimmy
You were more than double her age
it was quite the conspiracy 
another selfish act
another reason to disengage. 
Your collection 
a jar of broken hearts
all damaged by your poisoned darts

George Who, George Who?
You are getting old.

three plus three equals six
Six fatherless children 
Ages seven to 46 years old
bet your real proud 
to have named them all 
planting seeds 
with no responsibility
you had no problem sleeping in your bed
Worship is what you had in your head

You are quite the character 
without the fame 
Like a clown 
who reflects all the blame
What is your diagnoses? 
You narcissistic fool. 

George Who, George Who?
It is all because of you.

What happened to Kimmyan 
is all your damn fault
you named her, neglected her
and told her to straighten up
her blood was still wet 
but you wanted it up

Aspirations you had for her
were just words in the newspaper 
you weren't her pillar 
a father
you were  fucked up. 
George Who, George Who?
It is all about you. 

You're not soft like cotton
you are more like a swab
If it isn't about you 
then it isn't at all

George Who, George who?
I knew it was you

When you called me to tell me
on that hot , late July mid-afternoon
Kimmyan wasn't going to make it
She was dying instead
You liked the attention 
It all went to your head
My friends gifted a ticket so that I could  mourn with you
but your jokes and awful comments quickly ensued

I withdrew in my bed
my heart weeped and bled
what the hell is going on in your head?

George Who, George Who?
George Who. 

Writing poems like this 
is perhaps very rude.

Bad or sad
I can' t quit.
I will never be like you. 

Girls need their father 
not someone who is ruthless and unfit. 

George Who, George Who? 
It could only be you. 

You are not a father, you haven't a clue
Your blood no longer runs through Kimmyan's veins 
and this part of my life feels very insane 
She is flying above with beautiful new wings
She is in a place where there are no George Who's its
no pain

George Who, George Who?
A perfect name for you.

Please forgive me readers if this post seems too abrupt
You see George Who wrote a poem about me 
and it was quite corrupt 
He called himself my father and forgot about Kim
He wrote on his blog and it was quite grim
I should have ignored it
but I just couldn't you see
I need to let him know 
he has no power over me

George who, George Who?
All alone with your self.  

Who, Who. whooooooooo-ing all night long
I am no longer feeling sorry for myself

George Who, George Who? 
I no longer hold my breath. 

I am an apple that fell far from the tree
Your name never meant anything to me
I may have your DNA but I am calling your bluff 
and all your falsities and now I have said enough. 

George Who, George Who, George Who? 

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  1. this is amazing.

    i hope you can work through this in a way that suits you. it seems youre doing fine already.



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