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Monday, February 25, 2013

Corner of My Yard - South Side

It takes practice and focus to create balance. My wish is to practice it with as much joy and happiness as Vivian does on her see-saw.  

Last week I was crazy off balance. Today though, was perfectly balanced.  Art class in the morning, Mother West Wind stories, times tables, Mexican food, hours outside playing and ... interupt-free yoga!! I changed things up a bit. One  whole hour. It was pretty amazing. My friend brought her twelve year old daughter to play board games with my girls - while I did the things I complain I can't do because someone always needs me.  At the start of the hour,  I began to clean the bathroom, Violin club was coming later in the afternoon, it had to be cleaned, I hesitated but decided to do it later. I had this one and only hour to do yoga - so I did.   


An hour later, we were all happy and we still are. 

So instead of yelling at the girls to leave me alone, which I am sadly guilty of as of late,  I see this as the perfect alternative every once in a while to take a break.  They get to play board games with a new and very sweet friend and I will get the time I need. 

A nice balance that we all needed. 
How do you balance your needs with your children's needs? 

Wondering,  Nicole

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