Waldorf In The Home

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Quiet Respite

The little ones spent the day with my Mom and my sister. They did things that I don't like to do, like going to a crowded, noisy museum. Permission granted.  I had the rare opportunity to stay home all by myself. Yes, you read it right - I had the house all to myself!!! So all day  I took care of myself - just me. I drank lots of water, read books, made healthy little meals, read more books, took a lavender salted bath, caught up on a few phone calls, meditated, ate butter almond ice-cream, and read a whole bunch of awesome Waldorfy blogs.  Oh, and I think I got my camera to work again.


  1. I just found 34 drafts of posts! Here is one that I am uncertain why I never published. I wrote it two years ago. Other drafts, it was obvious why I didn't publish. Hah! Writing is fun but also very difficult.



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