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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Flu

As the clock stroke midnight New Years morning we were in day four of the flu. Little did we know that we had 15 more feverish days to go. I discovered a lot about life while being a mother at the mercy of influenza and I was inspired to share them with you. 

Netflix is free for one month. 

Asking family and friends for help was the only way that my family and I  made it through this sickness safely. I am forever grateful. 

Cherry flavored Red #5  Benedrly does not looks nice spewed in thick, foamy throw up all over a white wool carpet. Even days later. Food and Drug companies need to stop using artificial dyes, but I've said that before. 

A tall man has an even taller cough. 

Seven year olds like to help and can do laundry. They enjoy the bubble effect when adding too much liquid soap. Our beds sheets were really clean. 

Gatorade Natural 02 is wonderful with lots of ice, especially the orange flavor. 

The Odd Life of Timothy Green was an awesome movie. At times though, I didn't know if I was crying because I knew how it felt to want a child so badly, or because I had the flu. 

Pediasure is not just for old people, unless you think 41 is old. 

Having a fever and lying on a Tempur-Pedic bed was like lying on top of a goopy, melting marshmellow.  I don't recommend either. 

19 days is enough time to restyle your eyebrows. 

The flu is loud, reeks a terrible smell and the fever makes you delirious. Burning incense makes it worst. 

Umka herbal cough medicine works wonderfully. It was easy too swallow even with a weak stomach. 

Soups always taste better when someone else makes them. We enjoyed chicken noodle soup, cowgirl stew and chicken orzo with spinach. Both our hearts and tummies felt warm with love. 

Our local store delivers groceries. We downloaded the app, ordered supplies only to realize that the next available delivery date was five days away. 

Take-out food from our favorite diner saved us and we were overjoyed. Omelettes and toast and best of all hash browns!!!! Yum. 

Our fever dilemma was just as dramatic as the one in Laura Ingall's story except there weren't any watermelons to be suspicious of.  

When we finally realized the seriousness of this all we became really helpful to one another and asked for more help. We got it. I wanted my Mom just as badly as the little ones wanted theirs. 

 At times it was even too much to lift our heads. Straws that bend were our best friends.

Ella discovered The Fonz  from Happy Days and we both agree that Pa would make a better husband and is way cuter than the Fonzerelli but thumbs up anyway because "hey, he's the Fonz."   

It is time for me to invest in more linens and towels on hand. I couldn't keep up with the demand.  

FaceTime: A big loud booming voice was heard from the clouds above saying "You have just entered into the FUTURE!!!!" it sounded like gates were opening, a choir was singing.... You should have seen the little ones faces when my mother called on our new ipad through FaceTime. They were really freaked to see their grandmother talking to them from the iPad. 

Boiled eggs are hip again. I chopped up toast and eggs into small pieces, doused with salt and pepper and savored each morsel. Vivian didn't want her toast cut into small bite size pieces, "we are all different" she reminded me. 

There is a Flu app. No, really there is. 

Our Anne of Green Gable marathon will conjure up only warm and fuzzy memories of our 2013 bout with the flu.

Time meant nothing to us and paved the way for new thinking about our family rhythms. 

Men can sleep through anything. 

The days of being sick on the couch watching Dr. Wellby,  Three's Company and Facts of Life reruns are all over for me and have been. Now my girls get to experience drowsy comfort in front of the tv. Hot tea, cinnamon toast, ahhhh this pillow feels so nice. I hope they savor every moment. Being sick as a mother sucks. It is gross, scary and this time it was life-changing. I gained a new awareness of  appreciating what it means to be healthy and alive and being capable of my living my best. Now I can see opportunity whereas all I saw before was a calendar. On my new to-do list is to not only continue to create a life I love but to also recognize the blessing of it all. 

Wishing you good health and a a wise mind to realize it and seek potential.  

Namaste, Nicole

PS If you ever get sick, give me a call. I'd love to help. 


  1. Great post Nicole. Such helpful tips, but such a horrible way to discover them!
    May your new perspective on life be a blessing to your family.

  2. So glad you guys are better!
    I can sympathize, I had the flu the same time...what a way to start the new year!
    Since I can relate, I feel justified telling you I chuckled a few times.
    And yes, I fully agree...when you're sick, all you want is your Mom.


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