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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ice Mandalas

In has been blustery cold here in Pennsylvania, so I decided to take advantage of this below freezing weather and make ice mandalas with my girls. We took our cake tins out, some yarn, cut out a heart shape and added items from our nature table and poured in the water carefully.  

Vivian thought it was fantastic that her blue marker turned the water purple. Ella loved learning that some items float and some sink. I learned that I should have used warm water instead of cold before I put them out to freeze, that way they would have frozen clear instead of white-ish. I wasn't inspired to photograph them this afternoon,  but here is a photo from our 2011 mandala. 

Funny enough, I picked up Amanda Soule's "The Rhythm of Family" this afternoon, after we made our mandalas and on her "Do" list for winter she suggests making a beautiful "ice sun catcher" but with a Bundt cake pan. Guess what I am using tomorrow! 

Namaste, Nicole

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